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5 Litre

Unident Ultrasonic Cleaner with LID & Basket - Stainless Steel

Unident - Codyson Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner - 2.5Litre with Heater

93% of 100

Powerful Effective Cleaning

Stainless Steel Tank

Digital Timer

1 Year Warranty

Radiator Fan

Ceramic heater


100% MONEY


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Codyson Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner CD-4821

Ultrasonic transducer generates ultrasound which is transmitted into the liquid and generates cavitations (millions of microscopic air bubbles) which collapse and suck of debris. They penetrate into small crevices and deep holes to clean the items inside and out.

Professional Use:

This ultrasonic cleaner is designed primarily for professional and industrial applications. It can be used at dental and medical clinics, optical store and labs, laboratories, metal and precision parts manufacturer, jewelers, shooting clubs, electronic repair and printing shops, etc. as well as homes. Ideal for dental and medical instruments, jewelry, watches, eyeglass, denture and retainers, metal and automotive parts, brass cartridges, gun parts, inkjet cartridges, etc.


Stainless steel tank 2.5L capacity

Tank size: 24.5*15.0*7.6cm / 9.6”*5.9”*3.0”

Control panel with capacitive sensing technology

Dirt eliminated process through ultrasonic technology

Industrial grade ultrasonic transducer

2 color LED display

1 to 30 minutes full range timer

Ceramic heater

Multiple circuit protectors

Cooling fan

Detachable power cord

Moisture proofed PCB

Industrial IC

Engineering grade plastics

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